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Trout Lake - East Vancouver - Engagement Session - E & E

Trout lake also known as John Hendry Park is located in East Vancouver. It is a wonderful area with a man made lake, cherry trees, willow trees, a beach, a dock and many more wonderful features.

It was a really nice evening when I met with Evren and Emily for their engagement shoot. If they were nervous you would have never known because they just laughed and laughed pretty much the whole time!

Trout lake is perfect for shoots like theirs because there is so much variety in colour, locations and it is easily accessible. If you stay late enough you might even catch a glimpse of a coyote or bat, if you're into that sort of thing.

During our shoot I probably said 'Ahhh, young love!' whistfully in mind my 10 times. They're so happy! They will be getting married this October and their reception will be held at Academie Duello in downtown Vancouver. Academie Duelleo is the world's largest centre for historical European swordsmanship and western martial arts! Normally they do not hold events there, but they managed to pull some strings. I am definitely looking forward to the pizza party reception they have planned, and maybe we will have a sword fight or two?

Whatever happens it is definitely going to be filled with laughs! I am excited :)

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