Photography is an investment

When planning a wedding costs can add up very quickly! I know my wedding was much more expensive than I ever imagined, I get that you need to save where you can. The unique thing about investing in wedding photography is that it is one of the only elements of your wedding that will last beyond the wedding day and into the next generation.

What an amazing gift to give your children for them to be able to experience your wedding day and every meaningful detail. They might even incorporate some of the same elements into their wedding!  

You might also be thinking "why do we need a paid photographer? Everyone has phones!" or "my uncle takes pretty good photos, he can do it." which is definitely an option. However, if you're here then part of you is interested in using a professional.

Wedding photography is about far more than a fancy camera. It’s about beautiful light, using flattering posing, finding gorgeous elements of your venue and bringing those into your photos. It’s really about looking back at a photo and feeling the same rush of emotion you felt on your wedding day.

I am trained to know how to use light, and capture moments that are important to you. I also edit all my photos so you and your family look amazing for those generations to come.

The photo below is from my own wedding (We did hire a professional photographer and LOVE the photos, she was amazing), this photo was taken by a guest during the ceremony.



It is a cute shot and I like this photo, however, compare the quality to this photo I took of a couple at the same venue. Which one are you more likely to frame? Imagine being able to relive the moment you first saw each other on your wedding day for years to come and furthermore having a personalized gallery of 500+ photos of this quality. I back up your photos for 5 years, so if something happens to your copies I can always send them to you again. This is why wedding photography is an important investment.

All packages include online personalized gallery of full resolution, high quality, edited images. Don't hesitate to contact me for customized packages.

8 Hour Wedding Package - $1950

8 hours of photography on your wedding day plus engagement shoot

Maternity Shoot - $300

2.5 hours of shooting in a location of your choice

6 Hour Wedding Package - $1400

6 hours of photography on your wedding day plus engagement shoot

Family Session - $300

2.5 hours of shooting in a location of your choice

3 Hour Wedding Package - $650

3 hours of wedding coverage, perfect for ceremony, portraits and family photos

Mini Session - $150

Just need a few good shots? This is perfect! 30 minutes of shooting in a location of your choice.

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