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Hello! I'm Angie


Hey! I'm Angie. Here are some fast facts about me!

  • I am a big fan of craft beer! 

  • I still haven't recovered from the end of Game of Thrones... don't even get me started...

  • I listen to podcasts constantly (true crime? yes please!)

  • I love a good board game, my collection is vast

  • The Office, Parks & Rec or Gilmore Girls is my background noise when editing.


I live in Port Moody with my wife, our kids and fluffy dog Roscoe.  I am fun, easy-going and goofy. Photography is a part-time passion driven endeavour for me. I pride myself on making high quality photography accessible to couples and families without breaking the bank.

I grew up in a family without a lot of money and family photos were not high on our list of ways to spend money, therefore a lot of our family photos growing up are sadly terrible quality. This sparked my interest in photography and is the root of my deep desire to document and share.

My Style


 I love capturing those fun and intimate moments on a wedding day that bring a smile to your face when you look back on them. My style is colourful, a bit moody and classic. As a person-centered wedding photographer, my aim is to create a high-quality photo that you can hang on your wall without feeling dated for generations to come. I hope that your children and grandchildren will be able to look back on your photos and feel like they are experiencing it for themselves.

During my shoots, I like to have a good mix of candid shots as well as classic poses. I am very easy-going. If you're worried about not knowing what to do during a shoot... It's okay, I got you! You'll be posing like pros by the end of the day.

*I have removed my phone number due to high volume of spam calls. Please email me and we can set up a zoom call if you'd like to chat!*

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