Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we get the photos?

Depends on the shoot. Weddings will be 30-60 days from the wedding day, engagement shoots and full sessions 2 - 3 weeks. Mini sessions about 2 weeks.

Do you have backups?

Yes! I back up your photos immediately to cloud storage and to an external hard drive. I will keep these for 5 years after your event in case something happens to your copies.

Do we need a second shooter?

That is a personal choice. Some people feel it is necessary to cover all angles of your event (specifically wedding) and some people don't feel it's necessary. Send me a message and we can chat more about this if you would like a second shooter at your event.

How long do you keep the photos?

I keep the photos on your online gallery for a year, and backed up for 5 years.

What happens if we lose the photos?

If you lose your photos before the 5 year mark, I will send them to you again. This is a good reminder to always print and back up your photos!

Will you do specific Pinterest photos?

If you send me an example photo I will try my best to recreate the photo, however there are elements I have no control over and may not have the exact same style as that photographer however I will do my best to ensure you are happy.

Can my parents pay?

Yes! I can send them an invoice rather than sending it to you.

How do I pay?

I accept cash, cheque or eTransfer

Do you travel?

I will travel within the lower Mainland. Outside of that there will be a travel fee and possibly additional expenses if accomodation is required.

What do you wear to weddings?

I dress very professionally! I will not be a messy sore thumb at your wedding. This is my job and I will dress the part.

What happens if you get sick or hurt?

In the very unlikely event of some type of emergency where I am not able to make it to your event I will try my best to find a replacement of equal calibur. If that is not possible, you will get a full refund.

Who owns the photos?

You own the photos! However, you are unable to resell them or use them in a professional capacity that would undermine my business. I also reserve the right to use these photos as part of my growing portfolio and as part of my social media.

Do we get EVERY single photo taken?

No. If I am photographing your wedding I will take thousands and thousands of photos. I will do this to ensure I get the perfect shot. You will recieve the best of the bunch. If there is a specific person or item you need a photo of, please tell me ahead of time.

Do we have to feed you?

Any wedding packages 6 hours or more will require that you provide a meal. This will not take away from your photography time as I eat at the same time as you, and generally your guests do not want a camera in their face when they're eating.