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Lost Lagoon Stanley Park Engagement Shoot | Jan & Erica

I love Vancouver! As a photographer it is a wonderful place to live as there are many, many beautiful places to take photos. One location I have a special love for is Stanley Park, specifically Lost Lagoon. I was super excited to have a recent engagement session there.

If you have never been to Lost Lagoon it is worth checking out. It is a man-made lake in the middle of the park. There is wide variety of wild life which you can spot any time of the day. I have seen beautiful herons, ducks, swans, turtles and little birds who will fly into your hand if you offer them a nut. Also a "Blob-like" creature has recently been discovered living in the lagoon! Wild blobs?! What's not to love?

Blob-like creature aside, it is a perfect location for photo sessions of all kinds. The lagoon itself is a great feature, it has many benches for you to cuddle up with your loved one and reflect on how much you love each other (or search for blob creatures!).

There are also a few cute bridges, which never fail to provide a wonderful setting for photos.

It was nice that Jan & Erica were open to anything! Erica even asked Jan to try standing on the side of the bridge, which he declined. I agreed, but appreciated her enthusiasm.

Just off the main path around the Lagoon are some over grown clearings which make for great shots as the sun is going down. It almost seems as if we are in a completely different location.

The central location of Lost Lagoon is great for shoots like this as you can easily walk over the beach for a few sunset beach shots, or venture into the woods for a more moody feel. We decided on the woods. We didn't have to trek too far before we found a nice clearing with some beautiful trees.

As our last shot I asked them to give me a pose as if we were shooting their hipster indie band album cover and they did not disappoint. It was nice to spend an evening in one of my favourite places with a fun couple, who obviously really love one another and like to laugh!

*The beer can is the drummer.

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