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When we found out that my wife was pregnant I immediately started thinking about how we would tell the family. I knew I wanted it to be a video of some sort but also wanted to incorporate some photography as well.

I googled "pregnancy announcements" and ended up in a youtube hole of people announcing it to their families. There are some great reactions and some awkward ones as well. One is a video of a family who are losing their minds and yelling for about 5 minutes straight, it's hilarious! Then I ended up on the weird end of youtube where suddenly you're just watching a snake eat itself and you don't know why. So, 5 hours later I had a plan.

We decided to get the family together by telling everyone we wanted to do a big family photoshoot. Everyone coordinated the colours of their outfits which was great. I brought chalk board with me, and had my wife hold it with a cheeky note on it.

Jackie's sister asked what the chalkboard was for and I babbled some photography mumbojumbo about white balance and thankfully she didn't care to inquire further - but it was LIES! ALL LIES!!

Then instead of taking photos I switched to video and said, "everyone say cheese!.... now everyone say Jackie's pregnant!" and you can see their reactions from the video stills...

Their reactions made for a hilarious video and great photos! It is a privilege as a photographer to be present at, and document, such important parts of people's lives... even if it's my own! :)

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